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1521 Link Road
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Outer Banks Gun Club, Inc.


Vintage Military Rifle Match:

The Vintage Military Rifle Match was held on Saturday afternoon, April 26, 2014. A few of those that signed up were no-shows and two were not able to attend because of damage sustained in the storm on Friday night. We went forward with the seven competitors who presented. A special “thank you” to Gary Whitcraft, who drove down from Maryland to compete. The assortment of rifles was limited by the number of competitors. The most unusual rifle was a reproduction of a German FG42 Battle Rifle that was shot by Bill Cogger, who won the competition. Roy Pastorek shot his M1 Garand to a very close second place, followed by Larry Belli and his M1 Garand. The rest of the field, who separated themselves from the top three, were Gary Whitcraft (M1903A3), Tom Beacham (24/30 Venezuelan Mauser), Rich Lewandowski (M1 Garand) and Kris Bush (Carl Gustov Swedish Mauser). The format used for this competition were 10 rounds slow fire at 50 yards from an offhand (standing) position and 10 rounds rapid fire from an unsupported bench position. We will hold this match again next year and hope for a much better turn out. This fall, we will conduct our Third Annual Team Vintage Rifle Match. The format will be the same as used in previous years. Look for more information later in the summer.


The Outer Banks Gun Club has been providing a safe and educational environment for the past 20 years and is widely recognized as one of the nation's premiere, family-oriented, sport shooting facilities. The Outer Banks Gun Club is an affiliate and supporter of the National Rifle Association (NRA).

The facility, consisting of an office, classroom, two handgun ranges, 50-yard and 100-yard rifle ranges, and Trap and Skeet ranges, was built entirely by volunteers and continues to operate with an all-volunteer staff under the leadership of Club Vice President Rich Lewandowski.

Open to the public. We work hard to maintain a safe family oriented facility and harmonious environment. The club offers many educational programs including a Carry Concealed Handgun Course for $65.The completion of this course is mandatory for anyone who wishes to apply for a NC Carry Concealed Handgun Permit. Here at the OBXGC we are the area's only all-inclusive, on-site CCH training facility with a modern classroom and dedicated firing ranges.

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Trap and Skeet shooting is available on Wednesday and Sunday at 10:00AM.
Any other days or times are by appointment only.
See Skeet Range page for details.

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To ensure access to, and the provision of, a high-quality shooting facility for the promotion and enhancement of shooting sports for the citizens and guests of Dare County and the surrounding areas.


To promote fellowship and good sportsmanship and provide opportunities for family activities, while keeping firearms safety paramount in the pursuit of these activities.

To provide an affordable and comprehensive physical facility for the promotion and enhancement of shooting sports for the citizens and guests of Dare County and surrounding areas.

To provide affordable training and ongoing programs in the arts of shooting and the responsibility of firearms ownership.

To advocate for the freedoms provided by the second ammendment of the Constitution of the United States.

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Range Schedule

Open Tuesday - Sunday
9:00AM til 5:00PM
Last Sign-in: 4:15PM - Cease Fire: 4:45PM
Range Closed Mondays - Select Holidays - Severe Weather
In the event of adverse weather call before driving to the range, we might be closed.
Last Updated: May 2014