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Steel Plates For Rent

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Use of the Steel Plates on the Plinker Range Out Back

You can rent the steel plates at the office. A driver's license must be left with the office attendant and shall be returned to the owner when the plates are brought back. The first lane is for steel plates only. All other lanes paper targets.

  • Slide the target strap onto the 2x4 cross piece provided at the back range with the threaded bolts facing to the rear
  • Place the cross piece with the plates onto the uprights into the brackets.
  • All shooting must be from the concrete pad, never out on the grass, just as it is everywhere else on the rifle and pistol ranges.
  • Use ONLY Non Magnum pistol rounds. This would include standard 45 ACP down to 22 rimfire
  • The use of 357 magnum, 44 magnums or other high pressure ammo is strictly prohibited. Never shoot steel core, steel jacket, solid copper ammo, or magnum rounds. No 22 caliber TCM center fire ammunition.
  • Do not shoot BB's, pellets, or air soft. They do not have enough force to splatter and will ricochet.
  • When done place the plates into the carry bag provided and return them to the office in good condition.

Safety is our top priority at the OBGC. Follow all range rules and be sure to always wear eye and ear protection. Safety rules will be strictly enforced.

Last Updated: February 2019