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Outer Banks Gun Club

Synopsis of Rules and Regulations
Rules & Regulations and Code of Ethics Strictly Enforced

  • All attendees are responsible for understanding the Rules & Regulations, a copy of which is available for free in the OBXGC office
  • Everyone is responsible for complying with the Rules & Regulations.
  • Everyone is required to register at the office upon their arrival at OBXGC.
  • All guests and visitors must sign the liability waiver.
  • Range hours are 9AM - 5PM, open six days. CLOSED ON MONDAYS.
  • Everyone is required to obey the commands of the Range Safety Officers.
  • Junior members under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • The use of alcohol, drugs, prescription medication or other substance likely to impair normal physical or mental function is strictly prohibited.
  • Firearms must be carried to the range and empty and in cases or holsters.
  • All shooting is from the concrete pads under the pavilions, movable target frames are provided 'certain sanctioned activities are exempt'.
  • Only competition and hunting handguns are allowed on the Rifle Range.
  • Only .22 rifles are allowed on the handgun ranges.
  • Use of Full-Auto weapons is restricted to SPECIAL EVENTS.
  • Metal target frames are for .22 only and shotgun patterning is restricted to the steel plate located at the skeet range.
  • Hunting and shooting at animals at the range is prohibited.
  • Dogs and other pets are not permitted at the range.
  • Eye and Ear protection are required. Shoes and shirts required.

    Rules Change:



    The firing of fully automatic weapons by properly licensed personnel has been re-authorized as follows: SPECIAL EVENTS ONLY WITH PRIOR APPROVAL OF THE BOARD. Persons requesting to fire fully automatic weapons are responsible for developing and managing the Special Event and presenting the particulars of that event to the Board in writing with sufficient lead-time to schedule the event, schedule suitable numbers of Ranger Safety Officers and to ensure proper ranger clean-up and repair. The Board reserves the right to require that the sponsor of the Event post a ranger clean-up and repair bond. The Board will reevaluate this program for success in April, 2012 (6 months).

    The use of TRACER and ARMOR PIERCING ammo is strictly prohibited!

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    Last Updated: August 2013