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Outer Banks Gun Club Activities

Cowboy Action Shooting

Secretary George Cain is the Club's liaison to the SSA Cowboys. If you haven't yet seen the Cowboys in action, you are really missing something. Great guns, authentic costumes, and exciting action shooting! Visitors and guest are welcome.

High School Shooting Team

The Outer Banks Gun Club also provides time and logistics for area high school shooting teams. Former teacher Sam Ballard coordinates those activities and is the Club's youth liaison. The Club fully supports the state Safe-Hunting training program for school students.

Other Programs and Activities

Vice President Fred Massie serves as the Club's representative to the NRA and the Civilian Marksmanship Program. He conducts and coordinates a variety of NRA certified training programs.


EVERY 2ND SATURDAY OF THE MONTH, EXCEPT APRIL WILL BE THE 3RD SATURDAY. Shooters should be present at 9:00am. COST: Club Members: $10.00 COST: Non-Members: $10.00 + $12.00 Range Fee for non-members SAFETY BRIEFING: 9:15am MATCH: Will consist of 6 different stages. HANDGUNS: Must be center-fire revolvers & pistols, e.g.38-45. AMMO: 150 ROUNDS REQUIRED HOLSTERS: Hip holster, on dominate side only. RELOAD: Shooters are required to reload twice during each stage. Each stage consists of 18 rounds. RANGE: Back range behind office. POSITIONS: Sitting and standing: there will be some movement between positions BUT no shooting or reloading while moving. Distances of 5-15 yards. MATCH COORDINATOR: Bill Dolley (252-216-6531)

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Swap-meet And Flea Market

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Last Updated: March 2016